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The main technology is based on residual or further nonutilisable energy saving of saturated steam with subsequent of electric energy. Mentioned medium energy is effectively put to use thanks to almost whole acting force transfer upon turbine rotor. Effectivity results transformation of medium energy to power is 55 % and is given from existing range of steam expansion between its inlet and outlet temperatures and pressure values. Advantage compared to classical blade turbine rotors is machine work possibility in damp steam mode without cavitation and other abrasion of rotor and turbine housing, packing, nozzles etc. This fact opens up possibilities for:

Turbine is controlled automatically and has unmanned operation.
In term of safety are with experiences necessary double independent machine protection for overspeed machine level. As next is monitored machine vibration level and status of oil system.

Operational advantage is machine support on rolling bearings, which brings considerable simplification of oil system, minimal oil quantity, safety machine after-running in case of failure circulating oil supply and low oil system floor space in terms of ground plan of machine.

These characteristics give operational requirements reductions to necessary minimum in accordance with optimal length of service intervals.