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Compact solution

There is developed system which makes use of surplus heat incurred from the Sun exposed roofing in the spaces under the roof of the house, barns, woodsheds, glasshouses etc. Eventually is possible to exploit the heat from ventilated spaces between roofing and isolation.

The machine soaks up hot air and warms the liquid in the exchanger whereas intaked air cools down. Herewith improve climate conditions on the soil of the object and the building doesn’t overheat.

The whole machine allows cheap and quickly returnable way of heat exploit from the beginning of spring until the end of autumn from the Sun exposed roofing (in the current price rates for energy is economic return calculated in 5 years).

Our company doesn’t include solar boiler in the order. We recommend choose renowned solar boiler producer. For the correct operation our system must be connected to the spiral which is closest to the boiler end-plate.